Occupational exposure monitoring

At Sysco Environmental Ltd, we are able to offer our customers a complete range of occupational exposure monitoring solutions to identify, evaluate and control risks to workers health from exposure to hazardous substances. We provide exposure monitoring services in a variety of scenarios such as when our clients need to prove compliance with WEL (Workplace Exposure Limit) or BMGV (Biological Monitoring Guidance Value) or when they need to show that controlequipment or personal protective equipment is adequately working.

Specialist monitoring provides a scientifically solid basis for identification of the most appropriate solution to contamination control. All occupational exposure testing is carried out using validated method produces by leading health and safety organisations such as HSE, NIOSH and OSHA.

Your organisation will benefit from:

  • High quality services performed by qualified and experienced professionals.
  • Validated assessment methods.
  • Scientifically accurate and robust exposure data.
  • Industry and processes tailored control solutions.
  • Minimum risk to your workforce.
  • Fast turnaround times and competitive pricing.

Our experienced and qualified technicians can offer consultancy and advice on control strategies and interpretation of regulations and procedures. Our reports are presented in a clear and easy to understand format.

Our occupational exposure monitoring program includes:

  • Assessment of all potential exposures sources and paths.
  • Evaluation of employees' working and exposure patterns.
  • Use and adequacy of existing control measures.
  • Evaluation of suitability of respiratory protection and RPE checks.
  • Evaluation of existing management controls.
  • And much more...


– 2017

Her Majesty Revenue and Customs

Diesel fumes and laboratory reagents exposure assessment

Occupation exposure monitoring of operatives for diesel fumes, petrol fumes and laboratory reagents throughout the UK. The assessment provided a comprehensive understanding of employee's likely exposure levels and measures required to ensure they continuous Health and Safety.

– 2017

Kone Plc

Lift shaft maintenance operatives' exposure assessment

Lift shaft maintenance operative's exposure assessment to solvents and lubricants during application in enclosed and poorly ventilated places. We have also carried out evaluation of effectiveness of additional area air filtration during the lubricant application process.

– 2017

Copart Ltd

Site contamination evaluation (Pesticides)

We carried out a site contamination evaluation in order to determine the levels of hazardous contaminants and the likely level of risk they present to the occupants and users. We specified the appropriate decontamination measures for the third-party contractor to ensure safety of the site personnel.

– 2017

Tyco Fire Protection Products

Noise, Fumes and Vibration exposure assessment in a production factory

We were appointed to provide a range of occupation exposure related services ranging from employees' exposure evaluation to solvents, welding fumes and isocyanates, workplace noise exposure assessment, operatives hand and arm vibration assessment to contaminants emissions evaluation during curing processes.

– 2017

Tunstall Healthcare Ltd

Large scale soldering plant occupational exposure assessment

We have completed a comprehensive evaluation of operatives' exposure to various types of soldering fumes in this production facility with the focus on maintenance tasks resulting in some odour issues. We have also provided the client with a comprehensive noise exposure evaluation report.

– 2017

Cambridge constabulary

Employees exposure assessment to lead containing dust

We have been appointed to carry out evaluation of likely employees' exposure levels to lead containing dust extended to full building contamination survey. He have help to quantify employees exposures and recommend the most appropriate measures to eliminate the contact with lead containing dust.

– 2017

Brunetts Manufacturing Ltd

Rubber Fumes and Rubber Dust exposure monitoring

Employees exposure evaluation to rubber fumes, rubber dust and injection mould fumes and thermal decomposition products.

– 2017

Satake Europe Ltd

Organic dust, Solvents and Metal working fluids exposure assessment

We have delivered a comprehensive assessment of employees' exposures to various workplace contaminants present during various stages of the production processes.

– 2017

Holmewood House School

Holmewood House School (Tunbridge Wells)

Post-remediation verification of lead dust cleaning operatives. The site's shooting range for surveys for the presence of residual lead dust to verify the effectiveness and diligence of a lead dust cleaning contractor.

– 2017

Cambridgeshire Consabulary

Cambridgeshire Constabulary HQ (Cambridge)

Building lead contamination surveys with the aim to identify and quantify the extent of lead dust contamination in the building. We have performed air quality reassurance testing and bulk sample collection throughout the site to evaluate the exposure levels and risk to the building occupants.

– 2017

Kier Construction Ltd

Woodside School (Sheffield)

Lead survey of an abandoned historically important school building in Sheffield. The building was being re-developed into and new nursery school with the aim to preserve many original features.

– 2017

North Lindsey College

North Lindsey College (Scunthorpe)

Lead survey to part one block at North Lyndsey College prior redevelopment into the new teaching block. The survey team utilised XRF techniques to pinpoint suspected materials and bulk sampling techniques to collect samples for lead content analysis.

– 2017

Alfred Bagnall & Sons

Nottingham main train station

Lead exposure monitoring during the renovation of Nottingham main train station. We were appointed to carry our reassurance testing to safeguard the public in the exposed areas and to carry our occupational exposure monitoring of lead removal operatives

– 2017

Asbestos Consultants Europe Ltd

Aviva HQ (London)

Lead exposure monitoring during lead removal operation. The project was carried out on site and our company provided continuous lead monitoring on site to ensure the safety of the public and lead removal operatives.

– 2016

Marjon Univesity

Marjon University (Plymouth Studio School)

Partial building lead surevy before re-development of a dated building. the building was extensively surveyed using XRF surveying methods and suspected materials were quantified using traditional bulk sampling method.

– 2016

PHH Environmental Ltd

Beckey Court (Plymouth) – Student accommodation development

Intrusive lead survey for the presence of lead-containing materials on this old building in the heart of Plymouth town center. The building was being redeveloped into new student accommodation block.

– 2016

Torquay Hospital

Torquay Hospital- Linac Building

Lead survey to part of the Linac building at Torquay Hospital prior to redevelopment of exisitng building into a new hospital wing. Paqrtial site surveys utilising bulk and XRF surveying methods.

– 2016

Kier Construction Ltd

National House (Exeter) Student accommodation complex

Lead surveys of the national house building in Exeter prior development of the site into new state fo the art student accommodation complex. Bulk lead sampling methods along with the onsite XRF analysis were used to survey this site.