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Asbestos surveys

We provide our clients with independent high quality asbestos surveying services. We are working with client across the industrial, commercial and public sectors. We also specilise in domestic asbestos surveys services. We have a team of fully qualified asbestos surveyors who can carry out all types of surveys competently and in strict accordance with regulatory guidelines.

We put our clients' safety first and ensure minimal disruption to normal activities. We can offer a cost-effective and reliable service, professional and user friendly reporting and high level of customer satisfaction.

We specialise in:

  • Domestic Asbestos Surveys
  • Pre-purchase surveys
  • Pre refurbishment and demolition surveys
  • Property asbestos checks

Commercial Property Surveys

  • Management
  • Demolition & refurbishment
  • Audits

Our surveyors have extensive asbestos experience including work in many types of facilities such as Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Office Buildings, Manufacturing Facilities, Shopping Centres, Residential Homes, Warehouses, Shipyards and Military Installations etc.

Our comprehensive survey is conducted by qualified professionals and complies with the asbestos survey guidelines, as defined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSG264).

Our client can be confident that all the necessary asbestos related insurances are in place and that we have a number of procedures to cover any necessary issues which may arise during an asbestos survey.