Mercury contamination surveys

Mercury is a highly toxic liquid metal which has been commonly used throughout the industry. We have been assisting demolition and construction companies to assess the presence of hazardous Mercury on sites prior redevelopment. We have also participated in clean-up projects following accidental Mercury spill or discoveries of historic Mercury spill in building cavities and drainage.

We provide for our clients a range of Mercury related services such as:

  • Mercury building surveys (existing schools, hospitals and dental facilities)
  • Pre-demolition mercury contamination surveys
  • Analysis of mercury contamination from building waste
  • Mercury contamination tracking
  • Post clean-up site verification and reoccupation certification

We provide our client in the construction industry, public health and educational systems with preventative and reactive mercury contamination surveys. Mercury has been extensively used in manufacture and for educational purposes throughout the United Kingdom. It is commonly found as constituent of some of the products such as thermometers, switches, light bulbs or in its pure form. Mercury is used in many items found in schools, such as thermometers, barometers, switches, thermostats, flowmeters, lamps, and laboratory reagents in chemistry and science labs. Two major causes of mercury spills at schools are improper storage and mishandling of these items.

Exposure to high levels of Mercury ls can harm the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and immune system and unborn babies.