Mould identification and enumeration

Our laboratory specialises in enumeration and identification of mould from non-culturable spore trap samples. We perform analysis of the samples of purposes of clearance verification following remediation projects or for the purposes of indoor air quality investigation.

We provide analysis of the samples to fungal genus or group level including enumeration of individual fungal categories express and number of spores per cubic meter of air. The analysis included general assessment of the background debris and comments of high concentration of unusual organic or inorganic particles (epithelial cells, respirable fibres etc.)

We are able to perform analysis from commercially available samplers such as:

  • Versa rap
  • Air-o-Cell
  • Burkard

We can also perform analysis of samples collected onto specialist NCE (Nitro Cellulose Ester) filters. The advantage of filter collection over impaction method is that all the fungal spores present in the air are collected onto the filter membrane and therefore available for enumeration and identification.

Out laboratory performs analysis in strict accordance with International ISO 16000-20 Indoor air, Part 20: Detection and enumeration of moulds – Detection of total spore count or D7391-09 Standard Test Method for Categorization and Quantification of Airborne Fungal Structures in an Inertial Impaction Sample by Optical Microscopy